Hamilton Aircons - Installation and Repair of Aircons and Heat Pumps

Air con and heat pump installation require experts, that is why HamilitonAircons.co.nz is here for you. We are based in Hamilton, New Zealand. We are experts in installation and repairing of air cons and heat pump.

Installation of a heat pump:
At HamilitonAircons.co.nz heat pump, a lot of prudence is adopted when installing or repairing heat pumps so as to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the performance of the heat pumps. The steps followed in this installation are as follows:

a) installation of the condenser: it is put outside your house and it functions to cool hot air. There should be no obstacles such as bushes or walls 20 inches from where the condenser has been installed in order to provide access to open air. 
b) Addition of air handler mount: it is placed within a radius of approximately thirty feet from the condenser, approximately two inches from the ceiling, and not close to a TV.
c) Mounting of the air handler: This involves using a cable tie or tape to connect condensate hose with the refrigerant line and control wires.
d) Connecting the air handler and the condenser: involves connecting the refrigerant line with the condenser, and a cable breaker.
f) Connecting the gauge manifold and vacuum pump to the refrigerant in order to detect leaks should there be any and finally putting air handler cover.

Installation of air cons:
There are four types of air conditioners that HamilitonAircons.co.nz handles namely: split air conditioner, window air conditioner, portable air conditioner, and central air conditioner. The installation of each one of them basically involves the following steps:

a) Removing the alternating current and fiding the center of the window.
b) installation of weather strips in the window
c) Attaching the side panels.
d) Inserting alternating current in the window
e) Installation of L brackets
f) attach all the panels

Upon finishing the above steps you can start cooling your house. Put your house or your business with cordial temperatures through HamiltonAircons.co.nz installation of air cons and heat pumps.