The Intricacies Behind Heat Pump Installation

Are you looking for electricians Nelson for a heat pump installation? Heat pumps are becoming very popular nowadays. Basically, a heat pump is used to maintain room temperature. It works both ways and keeps the inside of a room warm when the outside is cold and vice versa. The biggest advantage of heat pump is that it transfers heat rather than trying to generate it. This makes it more efficient. There are many types of heat pumps, the basic categorization being – air- source and ground-source. 

Ground-source heat pumps are also called earth-energy or geothermal or geo-exchange heat pumps. As the names suggest, air-source heat pumps use the atmosphere as their heat source whereas geothermal ones use the ground or a body of water. Heat pumps are low-maintenance compared to the combustion base alternatives and also happen to be way safer. They are eco-friendly as they reduce carbon emission. Ironically, most alternatives cause global warming trying to cool the room. Heat pumps are extremely reliable and live really long.

There are certain things you should keep in mind before you install a unit in your own house. Insulating the house is very important. You should first reduce heat loss in your home as much as possible. To do that, you might add ceiling and floor insulation, insulate your walls and add weather stripping to doors and windows.

You should know the standards and only install components that fit the code including the New Zealand electrical codes of practice and the Australia and New Zealand Refrigerant-Handling Code of Practice-2007 and standards.
Before you buy a unit, you should also check the capacity of the unit and whether it can handle heating or cooling your entire house (or the area you want) or not. You should also check the market prices for similar units offered by different competing companies.
You should also be qualified to handle the installation. This means, you should have the proper toolkit, be licensed and hold a no-loss certificate for handling of refrigerants. And this is why you should contact ElectricalFIRST®, based in Nelson, New Zealand. They cover the whole region of Nelson, Richmond and wider Tasman. They also provide emergency same day services for issues that compromise safety.