Car Racing Games, But Not on a Screen

Staying indoors is the norm in this current generation. Kids and young adults too prefer to sit down on a computer or TV screen playing video games or binge watching shows for hours. No wonder obesity is almost being declared a national disaster in some countries including NZ. However, a new crop of young people want to change the norm by giving a not so new hobby a rebirth. This is the hobby or RC cars NZ. In this article we'll look at reasons why this hobby should be embraced.

1. Improving social skills

Many studies have concluded that nowadays people don't spend enough time with others and therefore have underdeveloped interpersonal and communication skills. However with this hobby, mingling with other people is inevitable and consequently one develops social skills

2. Opportunity to spend time outdoors

Scientific studies have shown that when humans spend time outdoors, their mood improves, stress and depression levels decrease and their blood pressure lowers. By taking this hobby over video games means you'll spend enough time outdoors which will improve your health in general.

3. Exercising

This is a great opportunity to walk and run around and burn those calories. As you enjoy driving your RC cars, you also get to exercise and just have fun in general. The cars get stuck in mud or break down in some way and sometimes they get lost and have to be looked for giving you the opportunity to use your body.

It's time video games take a back seat RC cars come to the forefront. It's a great way to make friends, get out of the house and just have fun. There are many places you can buy the cars including both physical and online shops. If you're unsure about it, you can always find someone more experienced to guide you. Either ask a friend or go to the local enthusiasts and they'll be able to help.