Understanding the Concept of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners Christchurch was once used as a luxury amenity. However, with the changing world, it has now become a necessity cooling system for most homes. The conditioners feature competency and improved technology due to its high demand. These essential appliances come in different shapes and sizes. They attain their energy from a variety of sources. The appeal of air conditioners has increased dramatically with the introduction of the central air. This system uses ducting approach for both heating and cooling purposes. 

You may be wondering how to do air conditioner functions. Basically, they use evaporation technology. The system unit is composed of three essential parts;

-An evaporator which is part of the furnace

-A condenser located outside of the air portion

It consists of various tubes units filled with coolants. Their main role is the get rid of the heat generated from hot gas and convert the refrigerant into unsolidified form. The excess heat upsurges into the outer air thus making the condenser part of an outdoor component.

-A compressor

This is the central part of the AC unit. Its main role is to flow the refrigerant in a sealed coil between the coils and evaporator. They come in different varieties such as the reciprocating and scroll compressors. 
An air conditioner essentially get rid of the warmness from the air rather than cooling it

Types of air conditioner

We have three main types of air conditioner units. They include

Room air conditioners

They are quite affordable and functions to cool a small space. This types can also be plugged into fewer energy volts. They come into varieties namely;

• Wall-mounted-They functions more like the window varieties only that their installation is permanent.

• Window-They can be easily installed and removed. They cover an area between 300-800 sq ft.

Portable air conditioners

They are quite small and not convenient for large rooms. They come with an exhaust hose that requires to be expelled through the window.

Central air conditioners

They are costly but very efficient. They keep constant temperatures inside the room. They are also divided into two;

• Packaged units- Used in large commercial rooms such as malls and theaters. They also have an indoor furnace

• Split system-The furnaces are located outside while the evaporator is inbuilt.